Types of Salt

Pickling (or Canning) Salt: A fine-grained salt used to make brines for pickles, sauerkraut. It it contains no additives, which would cloud the brine.

Kosher Salt: A coarse-grained salt that is usualy additive free (Morton brand has “yellow prussiate of soda” added as an anti-caking agent). Often found in the kitchen of commerical restaurants. The salt looks like flattened cubes. It’s quite dry and hard, and dissolves slowly.

Table salt: A fine-grained refined salt with additives that make it free-flowing, it is mainly used in cooking and as a table condiment. It will also often contain additives, including iodine (aka iodized salt). It dissolves quickly when exposed to low heat.

Sea Salt: Salt that comes from the sea. Used down through the ages and is the result of the evaporation of sea water — the more costly of the two processes. It comes in fine-grained or coarse-grained. The Majority of Sea salt found in the United States is imported. Presumably, sea salt will vary in flavor, depending on the sea from whence it came, and the other minerals found in aforementioned sea.

Rock Salt: Comes in large chunky crystals and is intended primarily for use in home ice cream churns. It’s typically gray in it’s coloring as it’s often unrefined. Because of it’s size, it must be put in a grinder if it is to be used in cooking.

Sel gris: Solar-evaporated salt from the northern Atlantic coast of France. It’s hard, moist and the salt crystals appear gray. It’s taste is reputed to be briny, sweet and delicate. It dissolves slowly when exposed to low heat.

Fleur de sel: Solar-evaporated salt also from the northern Atlantic coast of France This salt is a hard, slightly moist with white crystals. It’s also reputed to be briny, sweet and delicate in its taste. It dissolves slowly when exposed to low heat.

Hawaiian Alae: A pale-orange salt that tastes of iron.

Black Salt: Black salt is not always black, but rather can run between a pale violet to a dark purple-black in its coloring. It can be either a large, coarse grain or a fine powder, and it has a strong sulfuric aroma.