UK Doctors call for Kitchen Knife Ban

I’m way behind the news on this, as this is from May. But, wow…just, uh, wow.

via MeFi: doctors are calling for a ban on long pointed kitchen knives to reduce deaths from stabbing.

Look, I know we’re weapon crazy here in the States, so perhaps I’m not unbiased enough to give a logical opinion, but doesn’t this seem a tad much? I’m looking at my block of ten knives, and it strikes me as simply odd to think that some would consider four of those knives contraband.

I’m not a gun person and never will be, but I think I may now understand the basis of the gun advocates displeasure of gun laws. Why ban my knives when I’m responsible enough to use them, and responsible enough to…oh I don’t know…not use them in acts of crime.

Not being in or from the UK, can anyone let me know if this movement is gaining any support in the political realm, or was this story along the lines of “Well, isn’t this odd?”.