Unaccidental Hedonism?

When Kate asked if I wanted to start my blog posts today or next week, I didn’t have to think twice. Today, New Year’s Day, is such a day of beginnings that I only thought it to be appropriate. (A big thanks to Maura for passing the Thursday torch!)

As I was brainstorming on the perfect New Year’s Day post, I tried to focus on the idea of accidental hedonism and the thought of haphazardly stumbling into such a pleasurable philosophy. But then I got a call to let me know that a friend had passed over the evening. And an email notifying me that another friend had welcomed his new daughter into the world as well. I realized that in this life, perhaps nothing is accidental.

Today, on this fine New Year’s Day, I’m reminded of all the great celebrations I’ve enjoyed over the years. The football games, the party hats. New Year’s is a time of reflection and evaluation, forward movement and promise. It’s only appropriate to enjoy tasty homemade chili or savory hors d’œuvre on such a celebratory occasion! From potato chips to cheese logs, food is an essential part of our lives. A great meal makes us feel good, inside and out, whether it’s crepes in France or creole in New Orleans. What an amazing feeling – when that bite on your fork finally reaches your lips and you realize just how great the experience will be. Poof! A wonderful food memory is made.

For this year, dear readers, I wish you even more fantastic food moments in 2009. Maybe a few of them won’t be so accidental.