Upcoming Version 2.0

The engine behind Accidental Hedonist will change soon. With it, many functions will either be altered or left behind. I’m afraid it’s unavoidable.

The biggest change will be the layout. The basic look and feel of the place will remain mostly the same. We’ve managed to clone the Tabular Dynamics GeekLog skin (which I strongly suspect was based on the default layout of a CMS called Plone) that is currently used here on Accidental Hedonist. A few things will be different, such as an expanding css based categories menu, but the place will look very much the way it does now.

The place will act differently though. A block of links and a block of RSS feeds will make up the right sidebar and they will change per category topic. It’s a feature Kate wanted that we managed in part due to a few extremely nice peeps at the b2evo fourms and Isaac Schlueter in particular. Many thanks.

A change that may affect many of you is the address of the RSS feed. I couldn’t keep the it at the same URL. But the feed will remain. In fact, there will be quite a few different flavors (Atom included) and topic specific RSS feeds to choose from in the near future.

The forum will not be kept. It was rarely used and a superfluous feature at this point anyway. It will be replaced with a guest blog… a blog specifically set aside so that approved (filtered by hand to keep out the spammers) registered users may post recipes, movie reviews, and other opinions relating to the material covered by the writers of this web site. In addition, if our staff enjoys a guest blog post we may well put it up on the front page. If we begin to pay our staff, as is the goal, then we will also most likely pay a flat rate to the author of any guest blog posts that are used on the front page of this web site.

I couldn’t transfer the user/ password tables from the GeekLog installation to b2evolution’s portion of the database. That means that anyone who is currently a registered user and wishes to remain a registered user will need sign up again once the new software is up and running. My personal apologies for the inconvenience.

There will be other changes as well. We don’t yet have a set date for the engine switch but I imagine that it will be soon. Keep your fingers crossed.