USDA and lack of Regulation of Genetically Modified Testing

Like I said previously, I would trust Genetically Modified food more if there was more diligence in regard to seeing the affects of the food upon, not just people, but the environment as well.

Then I come across stories like these.

The report, issued late last month by the department’s Office of Inspector General, found that biotechnology regulators did not always notice violations of their own rules, did not inspect planting sites when they should have and did not assure that the genetically engineered crops were destroyed when the field trial was done.

In many cases, the report said, regulators did not even know the locations of field trials for which they granted permits.

It’s difficult to believe that this was a simple case of “I forgot”, when there’s a definitive bonus for this lack of oversight:


The less a company tests, the less money they put out for Quality Assurance, the more money goes into their bank account, at least short term.

Long term, if one believes risk analysis, the probability of mistakes increases and the cost to fix any problem will be 10 to 100 times the initial savings.

Or to quote an old Midas Muffler commercial “You can pay now, or you can pay later”. The longer bio-agriculture waits to pay, the more it will cost them…and possibly us.

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