Vegetarian Cocktails

I love this recent story in the New York Times:

“It’s the same thing as top-shelf liquor,ˮ said Nick Guffey, 28, a massage therapist with an ink-black shag haircut, referring to drinks like his red-wine-and-poached-pear organic cocktail. “You can drink a ton and not wake up with a hangover.ˮ

Ellen Pugliese, 24, a publicist friend next to him, agreed. “It’s better than drinking soda or something with syrup,ˮ she said.

Ayn Teigman, 24, a legal assistant, went further. “I drank my dinner a couple of times. I’m kind of proud of that,ˮ she said, rattling off a few of the fresh ingredients she has used, like pomegranate and strawberries. “And muddled cucumber,ˮ she added. “That’s a vegetable, right?ˮ

In an era of “naturalˮ cigarettes, trans-fat-free chips and low-carb beer, it is probably no surprise that that last guilty pleasure, the cocktail, is trying to atone for its sins. And it isn’t just vegan restaurants serving more vitamin-rich vodka mixes and slinging vegetable gardens in a glass.

I love this story because…well, hol’ on…let me check my notes -

Oh yeah. Alcohol is a POISON. It’s an inefficient and oftentimes delicious poison to be sure, but a poison nonetheless. Trying to make it healthy is akin to add vitamins to a cigarette. And I say this as a huge proponent of the stuff.

Okay, perhaps I overstate a little. But c’mon, being proud of yourself because you had a cucumber in your drink is a silly rationalization. Because if we follow this logic to its conclusion, one could surmise that martini drinkers are the healthiest of folks out there.

Now if one wants to drink with quality , or even “ethical” ingredients, that’s a different argument. But please don’t tell me about how you drank your dinner and expect me to applaud your “good healthy choices”.

Thanks to Jack over at Fork & Bottle

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