Version 2.1

I wasn’t planning it, but hey… I managed to solve a few problems around here while relaxing a bit. So welcome to version 2.1 of the web site. There aren’t a lot of noticeable changes. Most are on the back end, such as a slight engine upgrade and the streamlining of a fair bit of code so the site (with the exception of kate’s blogroll) loads a bit faster.

Something that may make things easier is a new print style sheet. Using a few suggestions from Ed B and A List Apart, I managed to create a decent way to print without having to open a second, sparsely formatted document. With the print css installed all ya gots to do if you want a recipe or article printed is give the print command and all the web styling will be removed from your printed document. It’s simple and lovely.

The only other noticeable improvement is to the links. If you click on the link tab in the menu above you’ll see a link category list that looks identical to the one from v2.0. The way the links are listed from that category tree has changed. They aren’t so clustered together and now look more like front page entries.

If anyone happens to poke around and notice anything odd please let me know in the comments of this post. As always, this web site is a work in progress. Next I plan to tackle and either rewrite or replace the category menu. Suggestions? Ideas?