Via Tribunali – Who told my secret?

Yeah, yeah. Ethics, schmethics. I didn’t want anyone to know about my most recent find in Capital Hill. After bitching about Seattle’s lack of decent pizza, I found a place a mere four blocks from my apartment that has kept me sated over the past two months.

It’s kinda hidden, it has no sign out front and the pizza is exactly what I was looking for. The pizza dough is by far the best I’ve had since moving out here. The sauce is made on the premises, and they get a fair amount of their cured meats from Mario Batali’s dad over at Salumi.

Now I thought about mentioning this place right here on this blog, but I thought to myself “No, not yet. I want to enjoy it’s unblemished environs before it becomes too well known.

Then Sara Dickerman of The Stranger wrote about it, and for a moment or two, I was worried. Then I thought to myself “Bah, no one reads The Stranger for food reviews.”

But now…now the secret is fully out. Penelope Corcoran of the Seattle PI did a write up of the place, and she gave it a glowing review. Yes, it was already starting to get busy. A group of friends celebrated this site’s one year birthday there and we had to wait for a table (Of course there were nine of us, and getting nine people at a table in any restaurant on Capital Hill is problematic, especially on a Saturday night).

So here’s my non-review review of the place. Via Tribunali has great neopolitan pizza. NOT New York style, or Chicago style, or Greek Style Pizza, but neopolitian. This generally means the less toppings on the pizza the better.

The Crust? The crust itself is worth killing a member of your family for a bite or two. After having the crust here, I walked the four blocks to Piecora’s, and gave them a “Ha-Ha!” a la Nelson from The Simpsons.

So go and have fun. Enjoy their pizza. But don’t go to often, as I still wish to get a table somewhat easily.


PHONE: 206-322-9234

ADDRESS: 913 E. Pike St.

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