Vote for the new White House Chef

The White House has announced that current executive chef Walter Scheib is leaving “to pursue other activities” after nearly 11 years of service. How important is this position? Whenever there is a state dinner, who do you think does the cooking? You betcha, it’s the person in this position. It’s a high profile position to take, possibly the highest position in the world.

So who do you think should replace Chef Scheib? Juliette Rossant thought about this question and has proposed the following: why not have top American chefs co-cook for state dinners — one guest chef per dinner?

She has also has it set up so that we, the generally calm and serene food blog reader can vote for White House Guest Chefs. Go take a looky look.

Me? I voted for Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, simply because I miss their old Food TV show “Two Hot Tamales”.

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