Water – Pt. 1

I have this idea: In order for me to b able to discern foods in the proper way, I need to be able to build a proper palate. I would love to be able to tell the difference between and Merlot (vintage – 1998) from a bottle of Morgan/David (vintage – sometime last week).

I figured in order to do this properly, I need to develop a bsaic foundation of taste knowledge, starting with the one item found in most every item of food and beverage we consume.


Yes, I’m going to taste test water.

But I wanted to do some research on it first. And did you know that there are precious few books written on the subject of water?? Well, at least according to Amazon.

Now there is a nice chapter in Jeffrey Steingarten’s book The Man Who ate everything (and admittedly, this is where the idea for this little escapade came in to being), so I will use that as my basis.

But I’m wondering just how one is supposed to taste test water. And more curiously, what does one rinse their mouth out with between water tastings?