Water Soup v. 1.0 Taste Test – Aïgo Boulido


Making the Aïgo Boulido is turning out to be a unique
experience. If you ever make this dish, make sure that you like
garlic. My apartment now reeks of the stuff. I went down to Sur la
Table to pick up a sieve and then hurried through Pike Market place
to pick up the basic ingredients. There’s really not much to this
dish. Soak some thyme, garlic, and a bay leaf in hot water for about
forty five minutes, then add the egg/cheese mixture. The broth,
before adding the egg/cheese mixture for some reason, reminds me of
pot. Pot mixed with garlic, sure. But pot none the less.

Once the egg mixture has been tempered with the garlic broth, you
cut up an inch off of a baguette, letting the bread rise to the top
of the bowl. Drizzle some olive oil on top, add some salt, and
Voila! Aïgo Boulido!

And how’s it taste? Eh…. It tastes like garlic water with a
cheese undercurrent. The eggs adds a bit of balance, but I had to add
pepper just to give it some body. Thank god for the bread, or it
would have been entirely bland.

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