Water Soup v. 1

Yes, you read correctly… water soup. I found the recipe on The Lines Family site and was curious enough to plan on making it this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Actually known as Aïgo Boulido, which I believe translates to “Boiled Water” , It reads as if it’s a fairly simple peasant dish that’s heavy on the garlic. This garlic bouillon was classically made the day after a fête, being excellent for hangovers as well as soothing for convalescents. Tho true “Aigo Boulido” doesn’t have eggs, this recipe does, as it allows me the chance to go out and puchase even more Kitchen equipment. Color me aroused by this thought.

World renown rock star chef Mario Batali has his own recipe for water soup (known as ‘Acquacotta’), but his recipe calls for chicken broth, and not water. A big difference. When it comes to Water soup, it seems that Chef Mario is a big cheat.

Anyway, I’m cooking this later this week, and will report on it then.

  • 5 cups water
  • 5 large egg yolks
  • 3/4 cup FRESH grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 1 LARGE head of Garlic
  • 1 bay leaf, dried or fresh
  • 2 FRESH sprigs of Thyme, or 1 tablespoon dried powered Thyme
  • 3 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Robust if you can find it)
  • 1 fresh Baguette loaf
  • Salt


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