Water Tasting – Pt 1


Well, here are the majority of candidates for the first round of testing, (I’m going to test tap water as well, but I was too lazy to actually put together an actual glass of ice water into the picute…already I’m afraid of losing whatever taste testing reputation that I’m bound to make for myself…afraid, but still not motivated).

Note that the collection of water are waters that are easily found at most supermarkets. So this prohibits me from actually taste testing any brands that one might consider premium. Very few Supermarkets carry water that comes at $5 per quart.

The candidates are:

Good ol’ Seattle tap water: Yup, the treated stuff that comes directly from my pipes.

Dejà Blue: Dr. Pepper’s sojourn into the bottled water racket.

Ice Age Premium: Y’know my statement that I couoldn’t get premium waters at my supermarket? I was wrong. This bottle claims it won the American Tasting Institute 2003 gold taste award. I am suspicous, as ATI is now known as the American Culinary Institute and that they have no web site.

Fiji natural Artesian Water: Not a gold tast winner, but imported all the way from Fiji. It is bottled at source, which means either they have several people dunking these admitedly beautiful bottles directly into what ever artesian spring this water comes from, or there’s an industrial bottling plant located at the source, surely breaking up the ecosystem. Having never been to Fiji, I can’t say if this owuld be an improvement.

Esker Water: My second Canadian choice (the other being the Ice Age water). I’m stunned by the fact that it has printed it’s mineral composition on the side of the bottle. I check teh others. Only Fiji has done the same thing. I sense problems with the others and wonder immdiately what they are trying to hide.

Dasani: Coca Cola’s bottled water brand. Which explains the aura of evil surrounding the bottle.

Aquafina: Pepsi owns this brand. I, oddly, have nothing to say about that.


I instantly recognize that the mineral content is only one issue I will have to contend with. I am not prepared this fact. I search the internet to find a water testing kit within my price range. I find one here, on baycontainers.Actual testing will have to wait until I know exactly what the heck I’m going to be putting into my mouth.

Other variables come into my mind. For example: What’s the best temperature to taste water. I quickly ask jeeves, but am disapointed by the results. I head to google. I discover this tidbit. I am amused. Amused, but not educated.

An anonymous source mentions water sommeliers. I research some more. And come across this site. It mentions that, dependinhg oon the water itself, it can be served anywhere between 54 and 61 degrees. All it means is that I need to do more research.

And it will have to wait until I come back from a business trip.

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