Water Tasting – Pt 2


I’m back home, and I am excited about the fact that the The water
quality test has arrived. I am more excited about water than any one
in their proper mind should be. I note to myself that I really need
to get out more. I pour a glass of water from the sink – Chateau de
Seattle, 2004.

And then I try to open the package. It’s no go. I stare at the
package and notice the ‘Keep out of reach of children’ qualifier on
the label. Apparently, in an effort
to prevent children from testing the water , they have designed their
package so that no one will be able open it. I think for a moment.

Scissors.. I need scissors.

After wrestling with the plastic and the scissors, I am able to
free the tests from there hardened domain. I follow the complex
instructions – “Hey dimwit… place the stick in the
water and twirl for five seconds. Pull out
and compare to water chart.ˮ.

Somehow, I am able to follow these relatively well.


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