WBW 4.0: New World Rieslings : 2003 Brooks Riesling

You have no idea on how happy I was when I found out that the latest Wine Blogging Wednesdays had to do with rieslings. It was through rieslings that I developed a palate for wines. I have to confess that I pretty much stayed with German rieslings, as they tended to be a bit sweeter and tastier (in my opinion) then some of the other domestics. But I didn’t truly explore.

Make no doubt about it, rieslings are a sweet wine, and they were often used as a sweet wine prior to the White Zinfindels. And they are the quintessential Rhine river valley wine.

The New World Riesling I chose came from only 100 miles from where I live. Brooks winery, located in the Wilamette valley in Oregon is a new winery started by Jimi Brooks. Along with Mo Momtazi they have cultivated the land well enough to get an 88 rating from the Parker Wine Advocated on their 2003 Riesling. Sadly Jimi passed away recently at the age of 38.

The wine is wonderful, tasting of peaches, but yet having a soft bite at the end. It’s less sweet than the German rieslings I have had and far more complex. It finishes quite nicely.

To be honest, I rarely pair rieslings with foods, as I enjoy them alone. But tonight, I had shelled hazelnuts with raisins. I imagine that could go well with most sweet desserts.

I hope the Brooks winery continues after the tragedy of Jimi Brooks death. It would be proper tribute to the man who wanted to make the best wine he could.

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