WBW III: Australian Shiraz.

A wink and a nod to my fellow (and favorite) Seattle resident,Viv at the Seattle Bon Vivant. She finds herself hosting the next Wine Blogging Wednesday for November third.

After much soul searching, she has decided upon Australian Shiraz as the vin du jour.

As her rules states:

1-How much you wish to spend on the bottle is up to you. There is such an abundance of interesting Australian Shiraz in the market, at very affordable prices, that one does not have to spend a lot to get something exciting to drink and write about.

2-Just remember, the only consideration is that the wine comes from Australia. After all, we will be writing about Australian Shiraz, not Syrah (Shiraz is the Aussie answer to Syrah, the grape of the great Rhône Valley wines).

3-On the first Wednesday of November (3rd), post an entry on your blog in which you review your bottle of Australian Shiraz. Then send me an e-mail with a link to your blog entry or cut and paste of your write-up (for non-bloggers). The following day I’ll post the round-up of all entries. If you have any questions you can A) take a look at the two previous WBW events for ideas or B)just send me a note and I’ll be happy to assist you in any way I can.

By all means count me in. And I’ll make sure my site remains up for it this time.