WBW: Sicilian Reds: 2003 Planeta La Segreta Rosso

2003 La Segreta Rosso It’s Wine Blogging Wednesdays! A chance for all of us little folks to provide a tasting report on newly found wines.

Now I’m a big Italian fan, so imagine my thrill when I learned that this month’s theme was Sicilian Reds, hosted by the good folks over at Love Sicily. Now I may like Italian cuisine, but my knowledge of Sicilian wines is/was nil. So I headed out to Madison Cellars and asked the gentleman there to point me in the right direction. His choice? It was the only Sicilian red left in his establishment: a 2003 La Segreta Rosso from Planeta.

La Segreta Rosso literally translates into “The Red Secret”. I’m unsure if the secret is the blend of the wine, but if it is, it’s a fairly well known secret. Made with 60% Nero D’Avola, 20% merlot and 20% Syrah grapes, you can imagine the punch that this wine should have as far as tannins are concerned.

Eyes: The wine has a dark violet color at it’s core, but turns a nice cherry red at its rim. Giving it a quick swirl shows the wine to be very viscous, hanging on the side of the glass like a red velvet curtain. When the legs do appear, they fall slowly and purposefully.

Nose: A quick whiff brings forth a strong alcoholic aroma, but not in a negative sense. Beneath that, a bit of menthol, or so it seems.

Taste: Others have tasted strong fruits, and I suppose that’s correct. Currants is apparent, but I couldn’t place anything else. There’s a strong peppery taste here, but not as much as in a Chianti Classico. The taste holds the tongue well, as the astringency of the wine keeps the taste buds alert.

Overall: I think this is a good dinner wine. It’s not a keeper, but certainly one that shouldn’t be turned down for dinner. The tannins tend to stand out, and one must search for the more subtle tastes. But they are there. No grade.. just a simple “yes”.

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