We get letters v.28: A Call for a Recipe

Kathy writes in looking for help:

I have been searching the net for a particular filling for pierogis for several days – unsuccessfully. My ancestry is Austrian and we call these kroppah. They are about 4x larger than pierogis. But, to my question….

My grandmother used to make a filling that used apples and graham crackers that, of course, she didn’t have a written recipe for. And, since she passed away about 30 years ago, it’s impossible to ask her. We’re putting together a family recipe book with 4 generations contributing and I’m the one coordinating it. None of the aunts can remember how she made the
apple/graham cracker filling.

Have you ever run across an apple/graham cracker filling? Thanks for reading this. Back to my searching.

I am unaware of no such recipes, but if anyone else out there knows an apple/graham cracker filling for pierogies, Kathy will be much appreciative.

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