We Have Our (First) Winner!

When it comes to Gordon’s vs. Beefeater, the results are in. You, the readers, have chosen Beefeater over Gordon’s at nearly a 2-1 margin.

I have to say, from my own taste testing experience, that I agree with this.  Gordon’s was near flavorless up front, with the juniper flavor sneaking its way in from behind, and my palate did not pick up any other flavor until the harsh chemical taste plundered its way in at the finish. Whenever I experience that chemical taste, whether in gin, whiskey, or vodka, it always seems to me that little detail was paid to the distillation process, or, more to the point, that better attention could be paid to said process.

Beefeater Gin had no such problem with its finish, at least when compared with Gordon’s. Add to this that the flavor of the botanicals was more vibrant, with, not only the junipers, but distinct citrus notes being present. It is still yet to be determined whether Beefeater was that good or if Gordon’s was that bad.  Will see when Beefeater goes up against its next opponent, who is yet to be determined.



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