Weight Loss Update

One of the problems I’m running into when talking about losing weight is that I don’t wish to appear to be “preachy”. I’ve seen many people, after losing 5-10 pounds to start saying that “The cabbage soup diet” or “running 10 miles a day” is the only way to effectively get the pounds off.

Clearly this is a silly approach to take, one in which I’m hoping to avoid.

With that in mind, this is what I’ve done of late, and the results of these actions.

The first thing I’ve done is that I’ve vowed to only have one weigh in day a week. I would like to lose weight, to be sure, but I don’t want to have my mood fluctuate along with the daily fluctuations a body has. My official weigh in day is Saturday.

The second thing I’ve done is that I’ve decided to use percentages instead of hard numbers, as it has a more positive spin on any weight loss. What I mean is, if I’m trying to lose 20 pounds all together, and I end up losing 2 pounds in one week, I can say that I’ve reached 10% of my goal. The larger number sounds more positive to me. It’s a little mind trick to be sure, but it does seem to work.

The final thing I’ve done is that I’ve started keeping a daily diary of what I eat. I use Calorie-Count as my online diary, but Tara tends to like Fitday. Both have their pros and cons, and I’m hard pressed to say that one is leaps and bounds better than the other.

To that end, I can say that I’ve lost 3% of my stated goal, which makes me happy. It’s a good start.

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