Wendy’s, Fast Food and Politics

Consumerist recently pointed to a Businessweek article which detailed the politics of shopping. Me, being the somewhat politcal person, took note and read joyfully, at least up until I read this bit that Consumerist folks had also highlighted:

Take Wendy’s, for example. Although the hamburger chain’s PAC has given 93% of its campaign contributions to Republicans over the past five years, it views itself as a “nonpolitical company” that does not take positions on controversial issues, says spokesman Denny Lynch: “We serve customers on both sides of the aisle.”

Uhhh….okay. Let me get this straight. You have your very own Politcal Action Committee (PAC), which has given money to other institutions such as:

  • Every Republican is Crucial PAC
  • Keep our Majority PAC
  • New Republican Majority Fund
  • Promoting Republicans You can Elect PAC

…yet you view yourself as a “nonpolitical company”.


My response is below:

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Dear Denny Lynch,

You can’t sleep with half the lobbyists of K Street and still claim to be a virgin. – Sorry.



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Of course his remarks do answer a long standing question I had when I lived in Columbus (home of Wendy’s International) — I now know what they do with all the cow manure from their slaughtered cattle…They package it up and the Senior Vice President of Communications hands it out to the press.

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