Wendy’s is NOT banishing the “Biggie” Size

Here’s a headline from MSNBC:

Wendy’s banishes ‘Biggie’ size

This statement would be true if, in fact, they would be removing the Biggie size from the menu. But they aren’t. Point of fact, the size remains, only the name has changed. The biggie size is now no longer called “Biggie” but instead will be referred to as…


Yes, what was once a large is now a medium. The medium? It’s a small now.

Which makes the following paragraph a tad confusing to me:

The move might help appease critics who accuse the fast food industry of inflating portions and contributing to the nation’s obesity problem, said restaurant analyst Dennis Lombardi, of WD Partners in Columbus.

So wait a minute. Let me get this straight. A large is now a medium and a medium is now a small, and somehow this is supposed to appease the critics who accuse the fast food industry of inflating portions? Where’s the logic in that?

UPDATE: Mark notes in the comments that the article is a year old, something that I didn’t notice when it popped up in one of the RSS news feeds I follow. My bad.