What a PR Firm buys McDonald’s

30 Day Dieters is a site that has set out to refute Morgan Spurlocks’s movie Supersize
Me. The site is chock full o’ testimonials from people who ate at McDonald’s over a 30 day period and lost weight, which is a contary position from the main thesis (and some would say ‘gimmick’) of Spurlock’s film.

For the record, I believe that people can lose weight in a variety of ways, as it’s more about food discipline than it is about the foods you eat. Portioned properly enough, a person can lose weight subsisting on a diet of fried chicken. But that’s not what I want to point out here.

Notice who is sponsoring the 30 day dieter’s site…Tech Central Station(TCS). Who is Tech Central Station? They’re a division of DCI Group, L.L.C.

Who is DCI, L.L.C.? They are a United States lobbying and public relations firm, whose client list just happens to include fast food giant McDonald’s.

Saaaaayyyy…you don’t think these facts are related, do you? That’s not exactly an uninfluenced opinion there.

(from the always reliable Fast Food News)

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