What is an “Accidental Hedonist”

This website released several years ago, in dark ages of 2004. It’s goal? To create a repository of notes surrounding food and travel to help develop enough information and enough of a personal reputation to write a few book proposals and get them sold.

Honestly, that was it. I had so much to learn back then.

In coming up with a name for a website, I wanted to come up with a name that illustrated that, ultimately, most of us humans are driven to find the good things in life, whether intentionally or not. Rare is the individual that holds the same taste in food, music, or even philosophy. The fact is, the one constant variable in the lives of most of us is that we change, and often don’t even notice doing so until we have a moment or two to reflect upon our lives.

So, if you take those two assertions as true, we all live lives of accidental hedonism. And thus, the name of the site was born.