What is your Favorite Cuisine?

This week’s poll asks the basic question of “What’s your favorite Cuisine?” It may be an easy answer at first, but long time readers of this site will recognize the fact that there are sub-categories within many of the cuisines that we see.

For example, there’s Cantonese (which is a subset of Chinese), Tuscan (Italy), Provence (France), and many, many others. Feel free to click on the poll, and elaborate if needed in the comments.

In my case, I love Italian food. Love it. From Veneto to Sicily, there’s no dish that I’ve come across that hasn’t knocked my socks off in some way or form. It also helps that I’m relatively competent in the kitchen when it comes to this cuisine. However, I adore the food from Emilia-Romagna. If I had only one region to go to if and when I ever visit this country, it’d be there.