What’s New is Old Again

When I wasn’t at a seminar or food event this weekend I spent most of my time in my hotel room, writing. I turned on the Food Network, mostly because I enjoy background noise when I write, and the Food Network was the only thing on that I could both ignore yet be inclined to view if something intriguing came through.

On came this show called Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives hosted by one Guy Fieri. The premise is Mr. Fieri travels the country looking and tasting food at American Diners, burger joints, and other similar institutions. As a fan of these restaurants the show held modest appeal.

Cue a scene in a diner, where Guy is watching a cook place sausage and eggs inside a pancake. Mr. Fieri was apparently thrilled by this revelation. The cook demonstrated several other similarly themed pancake dishes, where meats and other related dishes are thrown into a doughy pancake-wrap.

“Savory pancakes!” said Guy, seemingly amazed by this revolutionary concoction. He was thrilled at his discovery, and proceeded to make his own version. At this point, I changed the channel.

I thought about Mr. Fieri’s show yesterday, as I stopped to have breakfast at a small cafe in Vancouver. After I placed my order, I thought about Guy and his enthusiasm for placing meat in a panckae. “Yes,” I thought “Wouldn’t it be great if someone, somewhere, out there in the great expanse of our world, could take advantage of the idea of ‘Savory Pancakes’.”

I took a bite of my Smoked Oyster and Cheddar Cheese Crepe that had been placed in front of me and fell into a deep contemplation.

“If only,” I thought. “If only.”