When Kraft comes a callin’

Talk about Karma! Look what popped into my inbox on my Birthday last week:

Hi Kate,
Let me first start off by saying that I’ve read a ton of blogs recently, and it’s really fun to get stories, info, or pieces of advice that are as insightful, relevant and/or funny as those on your site.

My name is Adam Xxxxxx, and I’m working as a summer intern at Kraft Foods developing a new product this summer called “Grate-It-Fresh” Parmesan Cheese. I’ve spoken with a lot of people who I think might enjoy this product (mom and bridge club included), and asked them whose opinion they respect either on-line, on T.V., in print, etc, and your name / site came up in conversations with a large number of them. I not only asked about whose advice they listen to regarding “food”, but also whose voice they would consider a good source about parenting, travel, music, all kinds of new products, and the general trials and tribulations of life .
I’m interested in getting as much feedback as possible about the product I’m helping to develop, and I’d like to send you a free sample to get your thoughts / opinions. If you like it, great, feel free to spread the word. If there are opportunities to make it better, I’d encourage you to let me know what those opportunities are.

A little more about the product I’m so fired up about…Think about how cool those fresh pepper crackers are, that when the bottom is twisted out pops freshly cracked pepper. “Grate-It-Fresh” is kind of the same concept, except with a fresh block of Parmesan cheese. The cheese comes refrigerated and pre-packaged in a grater, and all you have to do is twist the bottom of the package and out comes freshly grated parmesan cheese, no separate grater necessary. It’s kind of like bringing that authentic Italian restaurant feeling home to the family.

Anyway, let me know if you’d be willing to try out a free sample and provide me with some feedback about what you think. If so, send me an address to send one to, and I’ll ship it out right away.


Adam Xxxxxxx
Summer Associate Brand Manager
Grated Cheese, Cheese & Dairy Division

I…I…I don’t know what to say to this. Adam must certainly know that my opinions of Kraft food run the gamut between “crapˮ to “utter crapˮ.

But damn, if his e-mail wasn’t both polite and respectful. Imagine how the English might of felt if the French had invited them over for wine and cheese after the battle of Agincourt and you may have some idea of the confusion within my head at the moment.

I initially thought the e-mail to be a hoax, until I scoured the e-mail header. Yeah, it seems legit.

I’m not sure how, exactly, the Grate-it-Fresh idea is any simpler than shredding Parmesan cheese in a food processor. But hey, if Kraft wants my opinion, I’m willing to test their product.

Oh, and they delineate between “Cheeseˮ and “Grated Cheeseˮ in their corporate hierarchy. Who knew? I wonder which one of them deals with their..*shudder*… powdered cheese?

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