Where we Stand

For those of you new to this blog (and there’s been quite a few of you of late), let me get you up to date on what I do here.

I examine food is the best way to put this. I do this by exploring three different subjects, that only sometimes intersect.

1) I research the history of ingredients, and try to find three recipes (modernday or otherwise) that focus, or at loeast include said ingredient. I started at around 10,000 BC with water, and we are now at around 5000 BC, where I am researching wines.

2) I look into specific cuisines. This is by far more difficult, as cuisines are based on regions, and not so much countries. Right now, we are on Italian Cuisine (which is really the first cuisine I have looked at) and we are moving on to the Marches (East Coast of Italy). For cuisines, I also like to do at least three recipes per region, and at least look at wine. I also treat myself to a dessert from the region if I can find it.

3) I am now looking into wines, as that itself is a subject that can provide oodles of posts and researchy goodness. My focus will be on varietals, and I have yet to decide on which wine I want to look at first in greater detail. My intent is to drink from at least three different bottles and post my tasting reports.

I do this all, not only because I love food, but I am somewhat of a research geekette. Those annoying people who can give you the trivial bits of information about historical figures, pop culture and other tidbits of information that only three people in the world are interested in? That’s me to a ‘T’. That’s why I do this…the endless pursuit of knowledge.

But back to subject one – We are at 5000 BC. Just so you have some context, the Egyptians are not yet around People are really into goats, swine and sheep, but not so much into cows, and aren’t eating chicken at all (at least domestically). Agriculture has been around in Africa, Middle East and Europe on a small scale for a while, but in the Far East and Australia, it’s still rather new. Alcoholic beverages are well known, what with beer and wine.

Things not around yet? Well, domesticated birds for one, which means no eggs on a regualr basis. Horses have yet to be domesticated as well. The Bronze age has not yet happened, so most farm tools are wood. No Corn yet, nor potatoes.

I hope this gives you new readers a basic idea on the theme here, as well as what the current context is.