Whisky Tasting Notes: The Macallan 18 year old

It’s been a difficult today, what with our basement flooding. Not much, mind you – just enough to get the bottom of our socks soaking wet, and not much more.

The flooding itself would be a bit of a problem, even if my bedroom wasn’t ground zero for where the water is leaking into the house. And in my room, there are enough electronics to make the N.S.A. take notice.

The Landlord? He’s off in San Diego. So we were left to our own devices. My room mate Shelly checked and fixed the drainage pipe (apparently there was a hole in the pipe where there should not have been one), and I ran the Shop Vac.

Sixteen gallons of water later, and the room had been downgraded from moist, to simply damp. It was not a fun day, no matter how I try to make it sound.

So I ended the day the best way I knew how. I dived into my liquor cabinet (itself now a small fire hazard), and pulled out this investment. The Macallan 18 year old Scotch whisky.

Everyone I’ve run into so far calls Macallan whisky “Macallan”, even though the label clear states “The Macallan”. This is only relevant if you are the type of person who corrects people who that university in Columbus, Ohio “Ohio State”. (Technically, it’s called “The Ohio State University”, which you will learn after talking to anyone who has partied at the Horseshoe.

But I digress.

The Macallan comes from the Speyside region of Scotland, located in the Eastern part of the country, roughly 150 miles north of Edinburgh. I’ve yet to decide upon which distilleries we’re to be visiting, but the folks who make The Macallan are certainly on the short list.

Nose: To me, there was a smell of dried cherries and currants, followed by a sweet spiciness, sort of a cinnamon aroma, but not quite. It’s a little smoky as well.

Taste: A quick jab of Sherry, followed by a nice smoky-oakiness, most definitely from the cask. It’s not slam-your-head-on-a-table obvious, but it rather apparent.

Finish: A soft finish, very smooth and quite long. Sweet-molasses and a spicy-ginger flavor are both there, more subtle than obvious. I also noted a small hint of cola after repeated tastes.

Probably the most complex whisky I’ve tasted so far. There were many flavors that I could have listed here, and was finding more and more as the night progressed. The only reason I don’t put this under the “Great” heading below, is simply personal preference, as I am not a big fan of Sherries.

Here’s where it ranks on my list of preference.

Very Good
Bushmills Black Bush
The Macallan – 18 yr old


UPDATED: Thank you, Spelling Police.