Why Fast Food Caters to the Health Market

With all of the talk surrounding good and bad foods at the fast food restaurants, it’s important to note why most of these places offer at least two or three items that could be called healthy.

Hint: It’s not because they’re looking out for their customers health.

Buried deep within this article of Guardian gives the real reason why lip service must be paid to the health conscious.

Burger King can’t afford to ignore health-conscious vegetarians, for example, because it only takes one of them – in a family group that might also contain five hungry omnivores – to deprive the chain of six potential customers. “We call it the ‘mother segment’,” Wansink says. “The kids drive the initial desire to go to the restaurant, and then you have the apple and walnut salad, that mom can eat, so she doesn’t have a good reason not to eat there.”

Rule number one of business? Get the largest amount of profit from the smallest possible investment. It costs these places very little to put a salad on the menu. If that means that they can get an additional 5 sales on Soft Drinks and french fries per hour per restaurant, then that’s what they’re going to do.

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