Why I could never be a restaurant critic

Wait…did she…what? What did she say?

In reading restaurant critic Gael Greene’s list of peeves, I came across this bit:

Last week in my newsletter Fork Play I complained about constant intrusions at dinner, waiters, maitre d’s, hosts wanting to know, “Are you enjoying everything?” At South Gate the bread man sidles up, asking, “How are you tonight?” The bread man? Puleeze. Make this guy the maitre d’. He’s got too much personality for bread. Has no one told him he just succinctly tells the choices, serves and fades into the background?

This has me a bit confused. Did she write about how the bread man should know his place?

I can appreciate the criticism that a restaurant staff can be too intrusive. But I don’t think I would ever, EVER complain that the bread man said “Hello” to me and my table. An act of courtesy should never be interpreted as trying to reach beyond one’s station.