Why Marketing people are very silly people indeed.

Typically I’d not post on items like the new release of the Mega-sized M & M’s, but there was a line in the reporting that made me shake my head.

The new M&M’s are available in milk chocolate and peanut varieties and come with an “adult-oriented” color scheme that includes teal, beige, maroon, gold, brown and blue-gray.

What a very odd idea that there are “adult-oriented” colors. Are these colors not to be viewed by children under the age of 18? And why Teal or Maroon? Personally, I thought the color scheme of the old Good n Plenty was very adult, what with their pink and white shells and black insides.

What’s amazing to me is that there was an experiment somewhere which resulted in someone recieving a very decent paycheck to write an e-mail/memo/report stating that adults respond enthusiastically to blue-gray colors.

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