Wine and Vocabulary

Here’s an interesting piece in the Guardian, letting us know that you’ll have a better chance of remembering the taste of your wine if you just stop trying to say phrases like:

“Mmm. A little citrus. Maybe some strawberry. Mmm. Passion fruit. Mmm. And—ah, there’s just, like, the faintest … soupçon of like, uh, asparagus and there’s a—just a flutter of, like, a—like a nutty Edam cheese.”

From the article:

“The test was simple. Everyone sampled two different wines. A while later, they sipped from a larger collection of wines, trying to identify which of those were the same as the original two wines. The experts did a pretty good job of it. The others also did an OK job, unless – unless! – they had tried, between the first and second tastings, to describe the first wines verbally.”

I’m curious then, on how one becomes an ‘expert’ in wine, if you don’t try to put words to the tastes you are experiencing? It’s an interesting theory, but color me a tad skeptical…but only a tad.

So simply enjoy your wine, rather than trying to define it. You’ll just end up hurting yourself.

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