With hints of bitterness and…calcium?

Calcium is a taste now?

…assuming the human palate can detect calcium, what does the mineral taste like?

“Calcium tastes calcium-y,” Tordoff said. “There isn’t a better word for it. It is bitter, perhaps even a little sour. But it’s much more because there are actual receptors for calcium, not just bitter or sour compounds.”

One way we might regularly perceive calcium is when it comes to minute levels found in drinking water.

“In tap water, it’s fairly pleasant,” Tordoff said. “But at levels much above that, the taste becomes increasingly bad.”

Hmmm…I wonder if magnesium or iron have their own taste as well. I mean, as long as we’re quantifying tastes in minerals, why not go for the entire table of elements? Perhaps we can expect a new cuisine based on mining. One could pan for calcium by swirling bits of milks and kale on a tin plate!

My favorite headline from news articles comes from Boston.com: Umami is so yesterday.

In all seriousness, I’m not really sure what to make of this. I can’t, at the moment, recall any food that made me go: “Hmmm…bitter and sour don’t seem descriptive enough to express what I am tasting.”

*shrug* Perhaps that’ll change.