Wolfgang Puck and Foie Gras

I know I’ve railed against foie gras bans before, but I have absolutely no problem with Wolfgang Puck removing foie gras from his menu. It’s his menu, and he can do with it as he pleases.

Those of you sending me e-mails regarding this story, let me remind you that it’s governmental bans of foie gras that cause me gastric concern, not a business owner arriving at a conclusion all on his own and altering his business plans accordingly. The two are vastly different issues.

Whoa…wait a minute. Let me read this site for a second or so…

Okay, so maybe he didn’t come to his decision completely on his own, but he’s an adult, and if he wants to be influenced by more militant animal advocates, more power to him.

What is interesting is his equating the production of foie gras as equally cruel as the practices surrounding crated pork and veal, as well as eggs from caged hens. I think that’s a bit of a stretch, but one person’s animal cruelty is another person’s lunch.

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