Workplace Pizza Parties and Social Obligations

Over at unfogged, Becks writes some quick thoughts on Workplace Pizza Parties. For those of you who have never participated in such festivities, workplace pizza parties are often “moral/team building” exercises. At the several places where I’ve worked, they were/are used to celebrate the completion of various projects.

What caught my eye in her post was item five:

5. Social conventions dictate that women may have one slice of pizza, wait to make sure all of the men have had their fill, and only then, if there is any left, have another. Men are completely oblivious to this social convention and will eat all of the pizza.

I think there’s much some truth to this, although my experiences differ in application. However, since I’ve been outed at work as a food writer, I’ve been given a pass on this convention. Luckily, oftentimes the person choosing the pizza picks a less than stellar pizza place and I’ve never desired to have more than one piece.

I don’t know how prevalent this convention is, but in my own experiences I’ve seen invitations to these workplace parties fail to go out to all of the individuals who worked on the project being celebrated. This has happened on several different occasions at different jobs. And each time the person who did not get the invitation was female.

UPDATED: Clarified my point, and recognize that the above is a mass generalization. All I can report on are my own experiences.