Young Walnut Preserves

Lookie at what I got in the mail today! Yes, it is indeed the pride and joy of all Armenians everywhere, Young Walnut Preserves. You would be surprised at how little information there is on the internet about this product. However, that did not prevent me from conducting a little taste test.

The Verdict? The walnuts themselves have the texture of black olives, which is a little off-putting. Once you get beyond that, they aren’t horrible. There’s very little of what we would consider “walnut taste” in the walnut itself. But the sugar syrup (which is really what it is…and not what those of us familiar with the Western European Tradition consider to be “preserves”) does contain a very light molassesy-walnut taste.

Now that I tihnk of it, what we have here is not so much “Young Walnut Preserves” as rather “Black Olives sitting in a molassesy-walnut sugar syrup”. I know I’m being a bit unfair. It’s really not bad. But it wouldn’t be on my shopping list.

I’m willing,however, to try a different brand, just in case I purchased the absolute worst brand I could get of “Young Walnut Preserves”.

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